Life reattached

Reality is like Lego. Depending on how you assemble the pieces the outcome will vary. Giving you your unique experience of what life is and therefore also has to offer. This should tell you something.

This should tell you that you will always have your perspective of what reality is and therefore also works in tandem with. That you have a unique perspective of what reality is simply because it is base upon how your pieces of Lego are assembled.

Understanding this should lead you to the next understand. Your teachers are also unique. They have their understanding of what reality is based upon what they once was thought by their teachers and their understanding of what reality is.

When we are seven years of age 95% of our life puzzle consists of the truth our educators / parents taught us. The remaining five percent comes from the rest of our society. Very little or none comes from ourself.

If we lived in a high functional society this would not be a problem. In a high functional society teachings are based on the understanding that all is connected. That all is one. Therefore teachings are based upon that remembrance.

Until we reach that level of understanding we would have to go slow. We would have to go slow because free choice is a human right. We have the ability to choose on a individual level. Choose what we want to believe in, feel and think. Simply because we become what we believe in, feel and think. That is how we assemble our pieces of Lego. This is how the foundation we stand upon is designed. The foundation of our unique identity.

We are the creators of our own reality. That is the foundation free will stands upon. How we as unique individuals choose to act or react with each other. That is what differs a more expanded society from a lower functional one. That is what gives us a functional or dysfunctional reality to exist within. The teachings we are given.

Change is always a possibility. No matter how your Lego is assembled today it can always be reassembled. No matter whatever belief system you where introduced to. Free choice gives you the opportunity to alter your reality 100%.

The old teachings depended on force. The new teachings offers power. Whatever force you where taught you can replace it with power. Using your free will in conjunction with what you now choose to believe in, feel and think. Is how you alter your reality from force to power. Becoming the creator you where meant to be.

With free will we can choose. With understanding we can transform anything that we used to believe in, feel or think. Nothing can be forced upon any human individual or collective unless we allow it to occur. Understanding this is all it takes to begin the change from a forced society to a powerful one.

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