Knowledge vs. Wisdom

You can’t be brilliant in a world of knowledge because knowledge is the limit, the boarder of how far you can go. Wisdom is a reality existing within as well as beyond the boarders of knowledge.The bridge to freedom is allowing this understanding of how reality might work, expanding you from a world based on knowledge and having the courage to include wisdom.

Knowledge is data flooding the world, drowning people in so much information and choices they have no clue what to do or who to trust. Wisdom is not information. Wisdom is another way of perceiving reality. Never look for wisdom in knowledge.

Release yourself from the mind web of others. Only trust your own mind. You have to let go of the clutter, the mind clutter. Release and be free or remain and become insane.

Simplicity is a choice. Fill your brain and regain your pain or let go and feel the flow. It´s your´s to choose.

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