Fear is toxic

As long as you have guilt activated in your life patterns, you will never achieve 100 % freedom in your life story. Removing fear out of your life equation is how you start heal your life. If you want to change your life from the core and start removing fear out of your life equation. You have to act.

No one else will do it for you. That is why the blame game, someone else will do it first, then I decide only works if you keep following life patterns broken down into life experiences delivered to you as the truth as it one was understood by others. Do you really think that that is the most expanded way of experience life? A reality frame that is addicted to fear as well as love? Addictions that created some of their life patterns? This is what fear does. It activates your bio chemistry to make you feel anything but perfect. That is why fear is so toxic. You can remove fear out of your life program. That is what I do. I help my client´s move fear out of their life equation.

You are, have always been and will always continue to be the programmer of your life. No matter if the information you used to create those patterns with came from you or someone else. You are the co-creator of what you now experience as your reality.

With your free will you can remove whatever it is that no longer serves you from your life program. With your free will you can create new life patterns that gives you space, creates freedom and overflow you with joy.

All decisions are one decision away. What do you decide? Remain a passive follower of truths given to you by others that creates all kind of experiences on your life journey? Or do you become the active programmer that rewrites your life story and removes fear out of the equation once and for all?

Kent Asp
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