Transparent psychology

The purpose of your life is not your job, title or business. What you do in your life is that you develop yourself. Everything around you supports you in that process. All people have the ability to think, solve problems and reflect on their own actions. How we think, solve problems and reflect on our own actions is strongly linked to the education we received during our upbringing. How those who stood closest to us learned us how they thought, solved problems and reflected on their actions. We simply mirrored our immediate surroundings and became small fragments of the truths of others and as they were joined, shaped our personality.

Many people live a life without reflecting especially on why their personality looks the way it does. Others seek help in dealing with unwanted consequences that parts of an upbringing can lead to.

No matter how you as a person choose to do when you have something you need help with. Ask for help. No matter however difficult it may be, it is always better to ask for help than to remain in the condition you are in. If you are one of those who find it difficult to ask for help. Understand that "whatever it is that keeps you stagnated" has allied with you. The "stagnation" is your ally. You agree and stand on the same page. Therefore, it is always difficult to ask the friend "stagnation" to end the friendship.

The reason that there is an inner resistance when it comes to ending the relationship with the stagnation is that somewhere in your interior you think you are failing the "stagnation" when you are actually asking for help to feel better. You have been programmed with a false truth that creates an inner conflict where two truths are opposed to each other.

This is a catch-22 that so many people end up in. You simply can't get on. It is a three-stage rocket where you never get further than the second stage and where the first stage is the idea. You think you should make a change. The second step is the word. You start talking about taking the step for a change without making the change. When you end up in such a catch-22 you loop inside the first and second steps never advancing to the third stage. You think about it, then you talk about it without coming to an end. Talk about spending so much time on very little action.

The third step is action. You do what you think and talk about. You take action and then you put it aside because it has been solved which in turn lets you free up lots of time because you no longer have to think about it. Instead, you chose to solve it. You made a decision that resulted in a concrete action.

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