About me

I've always gone my own way. Ever since childhood, I've seen answers and solutions I thought everyone saw. In time, I realized that it was not so.

As a child, I wrote computer programs. Something I later got use of when I worked at Televerket & Telia (a Swedish telephone company). There, I worked as a salesman and saw business ideas that resulted in the success of Telesvar (voice recorded messages), an answering service with over two million households connected.

Also, the invention fax box which was a result of my ability as a programmer to see the possibility of digitizing the then manual fax machine & answering machine in a digitized service that like email stored the fax digitally. Then you could print the fax no matter where you were in the world. The only thing you needed there was a fax to print the message on. The company withdrew over one billion USD on these two services.

It is my trained ability to see the whole where many others see parts that enable me to step right into a business and see the opportunities the companies that hire me sometimes were not even aware of.

In the same way, it works when I help my clients. One client described it like this. You know more about me than I know about myself. Another client said I looked straight through him.

I don't know how what I do works. The important thing is that it does. For me, it is about being able to offer my ability which is to create the solution or see the answer that is required. I have been doing this since 2004 and my passion for it is still as strong.

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