Clients come to me to create change. MINDKNOWLOGY is a alteration program that makes this possible. One of the program's strengths is that it reaches all the way down to the core of the client's mind. Explained with computer terms: You reach the software that shapes your life. The database software is based on what the client was taught to believe, feel and think up until the age of seven which now define the client's identity.

MINDKNOWLOGY has the ability to identify memories or emotions that create unwanted patterns or behaviors in the client's life. This means that one can identify the reason why conflict arises. Where you have previously been unaware of why unwanted patterns or behaviors have occurred, the understanding of why this has occurred opens up awareness of the reason why you used to create unwanted patterns or behaviors that you were previously unaware of. You change from being unconscious to conscious.

When you become aware of why something has happened, you can acquire a new approach to the memory or feeling that created this experience. The client simply replaces his previously reactive state with a now acting state of mind. Which, in turn, causes the memory or feeling you previously triggered to to no longer do so because the awareness of why it happened now is understood.

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