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MindKnowlogy™ a new way of creating solutions 

Creating change can be anything but easy to achieve. We think we want to do it. We're talking about doing it. But few are the times we implement the change. Instead, we keep the patterns and behaviours we are used to and then excuse ourselves by motivating ourselves as to why we did not do what we were supposed to do. 

It will be like two models we can follow. Where one model consists of two steps. In the first step we think about it and in the second step we talk about it. Then we keep thinking about it and talking about it without ever moving on.

The second model is thought-word-action. There we think about it then we talk about it and then we perform the action that leads to the results we wanted. 

Det finns en orsak till varför vi väljer den ena eller andra modellen. Där den ena modellen skapar frustration och den andra resulterar i belåtenhet. 

More specifically, it's about emotions. Emotions that lock us inside ourselves as well as emotions that open up our inner being. 

  • The two-step model restricts our emotional life. Which results in a need to express oneself in a conflict-oriented way. 
  • In the three-step model, our emotions are allowed to flow freely. This opens up for a life in balance. 

Most people use both of these models, which results in us experiencing great mood swings. And all of this can be linked to how we were once taught to deal with our emotions or rather were not taught to face and understand our emotions. 

The reason why we choose one or the other model is universal. This is therefore applicable to all people. Everyone has the potential to experience both of these behaviours within themselves. 

This can be linked to how we were once taught to relate to what we now define as reality. 

What we once were taught to believe in, feel and think, which has now shaped the identity we currently identify with. An identity we formed overtime when we grew up learning to communicate by being accepted by the people primarily in our immediate environment. We adapted to their function (the three-stage model) and dysfunction (the two-stage model). We did this by copying their behaviours to live as frictionless a life as possible without encountering their conflict-oriented truths. Patterns and behaviours we then took with us into adulthood and then discovered could not be applied to all the new people we got to know because many of them did not behave like those we grew up with. 

This created problems on many different levels. Problems that have been applied for a long time in various psychological therapy models, but often without reaching all the way. 

This is why I created MindKnowlogy ™. I wanted to find a way of working that repeatedly found the harmonious solution regardless of the underlying cause or causes that continued to create disharmony. 

I wanted to understand why we used two different models, where one created conflict and the other harmony. When I understood why it was so, I also wanted to find a solution that could help anyone who wanted to change all two-step locks and turn them into three-step solutions. 

To make the invisible visible. To reach the core of a person's consciousness and there display learned patterns and behaviours that cause dysfunctional behaviour. Once this understanding is established the whole chain of cause and effect is displayed. Giving the client the knowhow of how a dysfunctional behaviour can be stopped once and for all. The cause of the person's behaviour is linked to the behaviour which leads to the effect. Thus, the entire chain process from cause to effect could be determined.

When the whole course of events cause-effect is known, it becomes possible to create the change you want. Simply stop the learned two-step behavior and instead replace it with a three-step solution. 

This is why I created MindKnowlogy ™. I saw the connection and was able with the client's permission to navigate all the way to their consciousness, the place where they once stored the information about what they were taught to believe, feel and think and which now resulted in the conflicts the person experienced. 

That's when I discovered that by presenting this information to the client, it was possible to replace previously learned two-step knowledge with a three-step solution. A technology that led to the fact that for many therapy methods previously insoluble could be solved. A technique I have applied with great success since then.

Now you no longer have to think about when to break life patterns you were previously stuck in. MindKnowlogy ™ reveals the psychological reason why it is locked in your life as well as gives you the opportunity to replace the learned locking behavior with a new understanding that makes you achieve it harmony you wish to be in. 

MindKnowlogy ™ reaches all the way to the core of your consciousness. Therefore, it is now possible to change everything that has hitherto locked in your life. All behaviors can change. 

Clients have received help with everything from improving their golf swing, getting a better singing voice, resolving conflicts with people around them, resolving many different forms of phobias, getting rid of several decades of headaches / migraines that lasted 5-6 days a week, no longer suffer from profound war trauma PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), no longer trigger sexual abuse, sometimes avoid year-long sleep disorders, flu that turned into a mild cold in less than 60 minutes. These are just some of the things clients have hired me to help with.

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