Alter your reality

How are we shaped into who we are today and how can we transform ourselves?

We become what we believe, feel and think. This is how a personality is formed and therefore also can be reshaped. A program that is mainly defined between the ages zero to seven and which then teaches you how to relate to everything and everyone including yourself. What you should believe in, feel and think that which will subsequently define your identity.

Therefore, the life we ​​live is no accident. Instead, it is based on a set of instructions we were taught to follow growing up. The most loving those closest to us managed to convey to us. Truths that over time shaped us into the person we are now.

If you want to create lasting change in your life, this is the place to do it. At the core of your mindset. To do this effectively, it's good to know the basics of how it works.

There are two basic ways of communicating where one way includes and the other excludes. The inclusive welcoming way is innate in all of us. The exclusionary way is man-made.

Det är blandningen av dessa två grundläggande sätt att kommunicera på som format den personlighet vi idag identifierar oss med. Det mindset som för tillfälligt instruerar oss vad det är vi ska göra.

An inclusive mindset leads to a lifestyle of harmony and peace. A mindset that excludes leads to the opposite. This is why it feels natural to be part of a community, while it feels artificial to be in a conflict. It feels natural because community is innate and it feels artificial to be in conflict because it is an afterthought created by us humans.

If you want to change parts of what now defines you, you usually need to change the programming you received in your childhood. Because that's when you laid the foundation for what you now believe, feel and think.

Everyone's lives are shaped by these two principles. Both methods are based on choice. This means that you can always replace previously made choices with new ones. So you can recreate your reality in every new moment.

Whatever it is that you want to redefine in your life, this is where you redefine it, at the core of your mindset. The place where everything you've been taught to believe, feel and think is stored.

MindKnowlogy is based on a concept that makes this possible. Regardless of what you were previously taught, you can replace that knowledge with a new understanding. An understanding that supports your new way of living. A lifestyle that no longer needs to be triggered by memories and feelings from the past. Feelings and memories that make you perhaps devalue yourself.

Feelings and memories that create this negative form of experience cause us to instinctively react and displace the feelings and memories that diminish us as a person. Emotions that takes us into a downward emotional spiral, a man-made state that takes us away from the inclusive way of interacting. We displace these memories because we want to be in a uniting instead of separating state.

It is when we create an artificial conflict that separation from ourselves as well as from those around us becomes possible to experience. Therefore, we as humans can divide ourselves from our inner truth and create an experience that we are no longer in the natural union that unites us with ourselves as well as with everyone else.

As long as thoughts and feelings disconnected from your "conscious self" continue to shape your life, this is how long conflicts must be a part of the reality you then experience.

MindKnowlogy has the knowledge as well as the tools to help you through this transformation so that you can more consciously create the life you now want to live.