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Everyone has a mind program. A program that is mainly defined between the ages of zero to seven which then teaches you how to relate to everything and everyone including yourself. What to believe, feel and think that defines your identity.

Therefore, the life we ​​live is no coincidence. Instead, it is the composition of instructions we have been taught to follow during our upbringing. The most loving ones closest to us were able to convey to us. Truths that over time have shaped us into the identity we now have.

If you want to create lasting change in your life, this is where you should do it. At the core of your mind. To make this effective, it is good to know the rules of the game for how it works.

There are two basic ways to communicate where one way includes and the other excludes. The inclusive welcoming way is innate in all people. The exclusive way is created by us humans.

If you want to live a life in peace with yourself and everyone else, you choose to always create your reality with the inclusive way. If you also want to include conflicts in your lifestyle, you also add the exclusive way.

Everyone's lives are shaped by these two principles. Both methods are based on choice. This means that you can always replace previously made choices with new ones. So you can recreate your reality in every new moment.

That is why it feels natural to be part of a community at the same time as it feels artificial to be in a conflict. It feels natural because it is innate and it feels artificial because it is an afterthought construct created by us humans.

If you want to change parts of what now defines you, you need to change the programming you received in your childhood.

No matter what it is that you want to redefine in your life, this is where you redefine it, at the core of your mind. The place where everything you have been taught to believe, feel and think is stored and which now shapes your personality.

MindKnowlogy is a mind-altering program that helps you with this redefinition. Regardless of what you have previously been taught, you can replace that knowledge with a new understanding. An understanding that supports your new way of living. A lifestyle that no longer needs to trigger memories and feelings from the past has led you to devalue yourself.

Emotions that create this negative form of experience cause us to instinctively react and shift the emotions that reduce us to our subconscious. We do this because we want to be in a united state instead of a separate state. Emotions take us in a downward emotional spiral, a state created by man, which takes us away from the united state that brings all people together.

When we as humans create an artificial conflict, separation from ourselves and those around us becomes possible to experience. Therefore, as human beings, we can split ourselves from our inner truth and create an experience that we are no longer in the natural union that unites us with ourselves and with everyone else.

As long as thoughts and feelings that are disconnected from your "conscious self" continue to shape your life, the conflict will, in one way or another be part of the reality you continue to experience.

MindKnowlogy has knowledge and tools to help you through this transformation so that you can more consciously create the life you want to live.

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