Core essence

The core essence of me, the center from which I reside. That’s who I am, nothing less.

Respecting someone is grasping this. Accepting someone is allowing yourself to be in this state of being. For how can you reach out and connect if not from your core?

Who are you defined as if not from your core? You are complete, has always been and will always be. You are the core emanating the essence of you no matter what shape or form you presently resides within.

At the core of your essence you are infinite. Merging your infinity with a finite body gives you the possibility to experience life in physical form. It is an opportunity where you can interact and feel life as it flows through you.

When your physical life experience comes to an end your core that is infinite keeps on existing beyond time and space. You always exist. At the death moment you no longer identify yourself as a finite in body experience. You "remember" that you are infinite and have always been. Your core has no need to remember, it is always aware of its own existence. It is your physical definition of an identity that think in terms of a linear experience where consciouness moves from one place to another who does not remember this. Instead, it sees itself as twofold, which is exactly as it should be. For without the ability to unremember, the experience of existing in separation would not be possible. Consciouness is infinite. Consciouness is everywhere in physical as well as none physical realms.

The understanding that your infinite core can merge with the finite corporeal body is how this puzzle work. It works as a merge between the finite and the infinite. Once you grasp this greatness life becomes so much more. You are the one that resides from all that is. Expressing your unique essence of what you have to offer everyone that you come in contact with during this lifetime is what life is all about.

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