Healing means whole. A healer can never heal anyone. As a healer, I reflect what you already have within. Healing is therefore always about becoming aware of a deeper awareness. Sometimes absolutely nothing happens during a healing. Sometimes what was out of balance shifts to a more balanced state.

My function as a healer is to raise awareness of why an imbalance exists so that you can change your approach to it. Simply become aware of why there is an imbalance and change your approach to it whether you are aware that it is so or not. To make you aware does not mean that I say it to you in words. During the healing, an energy work is in progress. This is often where the consciousness one has is shifting from an unconscious to a more conscious state. Often without any idea of what happened during the healing. Nevertheless, it has been found that healing has worked time after time. Of course never with any guarantee that it will be so. It also happens that the person receiving the healing does not experience anything, which is not equivalent to nothing happened.

What many experience after a healing is that they feel more relaxed. Being more in the present and the feeling of having a greater focus as well as less pain is something many tells after the healing.

I offer two forms of distance healing.

  • Distance healing with feedback
  • Distance healing without feedback

Distance healing with feedback. Contact me so we can schedule a distance healing with feedback afterwards.

Distance healing with feedback. Contact me so we can schedule a distance healing without feedback. Distance healing without feedback is a completely energy-based service. Energies as we know them according to Newton's physics do not work the same way when leaving that explanatory model of how reality works. Quantum physics and physics beyond have completely different rules of the game. This is where the energy service I programmed like a computer program helps you receive the healing from yourself. I can offer this service at a significantly lower price because I do not have to be physically present during the distance healing. What you pay for is my ability to create such a program.

Distance healing with feedback
15+15 minutes 900 SEK

Distance healing without feedback
1 occasion 15 minutes 200 SEK (200 SEK/occasion)
10 occasions 15 minutes 1000 SEK (100 SEK/occasion)
25 occasions 15 minutes 1875 SEK (75 SEK/occasion)
50 occasions 15 minutes 2500 SEK (50 SEK/occasions)

You buy a package and book it online the first time. Then you keep count how many times you have left to use. The service stops working after you have consumed the number of healing sessions you have ordered. You cannot overdose on distance healing. If you need to run three sessions in a row, do it. You best know your own needs. Always follow your own gut feeling. What feels right to you? Your inner compass is never wrong.

No matter what distance healing you choose, it goes on until it is complete, even if it is way beyond the 15 or 30 minutes you book.

When you are about to receive the healing. Make sure you have peace around you. Please dedicate your own time both before and after the healing. Many fall asleep during the healing. Therefore, it may be good to have time off after the healing so that you can sleep all the time you need. Many people get thirsty, so please have some water ready for the healing session.

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