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Want to get something done while you postpone it over and over again? It is a slowing logic we have been taught to use which keeps so many people busy with thoughts and words that never lead to action. To make something happen, you need to complete the three-step chain of thought-word-action. When you think about something, you start talking about it and then it happens. What logic then makes so many people get stuck in is the loop of thought-words without moving on to action. The question is. How do you get out of this taught behavior?

So many things that so many people had planned to do will never go beyond the loop that you thought about it and then you talk about it. It never came further than that because the logic and feeling so many of us have been brought up with has taught us that we are good as it is. Which, of course, is an opposite relationship because two truths are opposed to each other, where one truth is based on learned memories and feelings that protect us from experiencing failures and disappointments once again. At the same time as the other side in the opposite relationship shows that the chain of thought-word-action is fully feasible.

The first scenario where we abstain because it did not go well last time we often buy straight off without critically examining where that claim comes from. Something has happened backwards in time that we today refer to as a credible truth. Something that was true at the time and which we assume without deeper scrutiny continues to apply.

To understand how this works on a deeper level, the understanding of what fear is and how it affects us in our daily lives needs to be clarified. There are two fears that all people have programmed into themselves since birth and that is the fear of falling as well as the fear of loud noises.

All other forms of fear are learned behavior. It is knowledge that we can refer to later in life. When the learning you have received is based on the opposite relationship that both love and fear must be two truths that you apply when designing your life. Then the span between love and fear will be the foundation you refer to when creating a dynamic life. A life that would be significantly more balanced if you applied less fear and more love. Something you can learn and which I will tell you more about later in this text.

What is love and fear, then? Fear is the lack of a greater understanding. When you have that understanding, you can choose to no longer choose fear. Fear creates separation. Love is union. It's like here the parable of going left or right at the crossroads comes in. You will always reach your goal. The question is therefore not whether you do it, but which path you choose.

What you do in life is to choose. Simply explained, you can reprogram yourself by replacing an earlier taught fear and replace it with love. For example, if you are frustrated at a person and want to avoid repeating that behavior. Don´t express the frustration, swallow the pride do not allow the adrenaline that are pumped out in your blood make you do as you usually do. I know, this is not a simple exercise. It's about redefining who you are as a person. That's why the question you should ask yourself is the following. Do you want to remain in the lower vibration of fear or do you want to increase your frequency to a more loving way of meeting reality?

Fear is not isolated in your mind. When you are afraid, adrenaline is produced which puts your body in a stressful state. Over time, your body will adapt to a lower vibrational feeling. If or how and if so when this then appears in your body, only the future can show. How many negative thoughts do you think every day? How many stress activations do not these fears create in your body? Now you know why fear is bad for your health.

The loop thought-word-action where the stopping of the loop thought-word always can be related to the behavior of a learned stagnation behaviour as opposed to the execution of thought-word action which always leads to an action. This is the reason to why life gets locked every time we allow fear to guide our decisions. This is why so many never exit the thought loop word-thought. You rely on a previously taken decision based on fear and let repeat itself, which means that you will not take action. Now you have the theoretical understanding of why love opens up where fear shuts down.

Just like with everything else, you need to practice to get perfection. So it also is with love and fear. It is possible to replace learned behaviors with new ones. The question is therefore not if but how you do it. If you want to develop and free yourself from learned fear patterns. Then you need to do exactly what is described above. You need to go from thought to word and then complete the action. It's easy to stumble on the finish line and think I'm doing this later which leads you back to the loop of thought-words.

Are you motivated enough to begin a lifestyle that reduces the fears in your life? Only you can answer that question.

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