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  • MindKnowLogy means "Know Your Mind"
  • The lecture "from mystery to logic via quantum physics"
  • Grupphealing med energisång

Själsdörren till dina fysiska och andliga sinnen som öppnar svaren på dina känslomässiga, fysiska, mentala och andliga blockeringar.
I offer you coaching that transforms your life. I do that by meeting you where you are. By expanding my consciousness I reach all the way into the core of your mindset. The location where the programming you are now following is installed. You therefore do not need to know what is out of alignment. Leave that to me. I have learned to track where the out of aligment programming is located. Together we will find your solution.
coaching that transforms your life

The lecture: from Mysticism to Logic via Quantum Physics
It is now with logic possible to explain what many have been taught is mystery. The bridge there is via simple quantum physics. Being healed where you have been divided is the body's natural way of heal what has been out of balance. The source you live in harmony with delivers the bodily experience you receive. Therefore, it is the inflow of the source to the body that determines the experience you then get. Investigating your emotional, intellectual and spiritual choices is what you should focus on. You should do it because together they create the overall experience you now have.

Group healing with Energy Singing
During the Group Healing, which is interspersed with Energy singing, I tune into all the participants. An intonation that forms into an intuitively balancing story with empowering energy singing that guides you into an even more relaxed state of mind and heart.

It is an invitation where all participants can choose to open up to an inclusive community. An invitation where, if you so choose, open you up from within yourself to the possibility of being seen in an inclusive way instead of what you sometimes can experience as being excluded.

Many feel the strong presence of this energy form, sometimes days before the event starts. This is why you before as well as during and after the event can experience a connection with yourself that you have not previously been in contact with. An agreement that many choose to remain in.