Dimensional bridges

Imagine if you could change the reality as you know it once and for all. Would you do that? Or would you hesitate? Did you know that doubt is based on uncertainty and that uncertainty is there because you lack information. To put it very simply. You know what you know, the rest remains to be discovered. What if you had that information, would you change then? Would you choose to become a bigger version of yourself? Let me tell you a story that ties all of this together.

Did you know that science as of 2019 has given us the understanding that there are over 20 dimensions? The scientific ability to come to this conclusion gives us the understanding that somehow all these dimensions are interconnected. Otherwise, the observation of them would not be possible to extrapolate. Did you also know that at some level everything is energy?

Now add the understanding that over 20 dimensions exist to the understanding that everything is energy. Then you get the understanding that everything is interconnected with the help of energy. This interconnection or entanglement teaches us that energy is the language all dimensions use.

Did you know that it takes four dimensions to experience the concept of time? The ability to move an object from one location to another? The three dimensions length, width and height create a space to exist within for all objects. The fourth dimension of time makes it possible to create movement within the three dimensions. Imagine this universe as a multiplicity of over twenty dimensions. A universe that is entangled and interconnected.

Using these over 20 dimensions you can explain physics on so many levels. If you take four dimensions, Newton's physics can be understood. The concept of quantum physics with attributes such as "no time" where a particle can be in many places at the same time teaches that us that it exist on a level beyond Newtonian physics. In Newtonian physics, one particle must be in one place at a time because time is the regulator for its positioning. This is how you move a body / mass from one place to another in the four-dimensional room. Actually, you time travel as you move your position from one positoin to another within the four-dimensional space. Since time is constantly changing in the physical space along the time /space axis. How cool is that? You are a time traveler.

The common denominator for all these dimensions is energy. Opening up the energy language is like knocking on the door to all dimensions at the same time. All you need to do to access all dimensions is to decrypt the energy language. Decrypting the energy language just a little creates a bridge between the dimensions. A bridge that can carry information between dimensions.

Imagine a four-dimensional interpretation of reality where time exists in the form of past, present and future. A four-dimensional place where you have to store information to remember it for future use. Once forgotten, the information is lost and must be looked up again. Sometimes it is enough to retrieve the information again. It is when it is gone without being able to be recreate by you or someone else that more dimensions than four are needed to reach what four dimensions no longer have access to. Now add a quantum dimensional perspective to this. A dimension beyond the four already mentioned where the term no time exist. Where all dimensions are united and can be reached through a dimensional door. All you need to do to reach the "forgotten" information is to use the interdimensional bridge between Newton and Quantum physics.

This is possible because the quantum dimension lacks time. Therefore, everything happens simultaneously in that dimension. Everything that has ever existed in the four-dimensional world exist parallel in the quantum world. The entire universe's existence is directly accessible in the quantum dimension. The author of the book the field written by Lynn Mc Taggert explains this using the word "field". Where everything is united.

Energy language is the tool you communicate with between dimensions. Consciousness is the carrier of the energy language. By widening the consciousness, it is possible to reach forgotten four-dimensional information in the field and retrieve it here to the reality of the four dimensions. It is therefore about learning the energy language or finding someone who is already using it if lost information is what you are looking for.

The understanding all this gives us is almost incomprehensible. New teachings that emerge based on this understanding have already begun. There lessons on how to release what no longer serves you will be possible to reach. How to free yourself from trauma, PTSD, stress are just some of the opportunities this opens up for. What do you want to free yourself from?

This teaching that this will lead to is revolutionary. You can change exactly everything you learned directly at the core where you were once programmed to follow that truth / programming. Everything can be reprogrammed. You can change how you perceive life by using this understanding. If you want to start a life-changing journey where what you used to perceive as impossible no longer is.

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