This was good

Såg din meditation. Deltog idag och andades in ro och ut oro och axlarna sjönk och sjönk och blev mjuka.SEN händer följande; Jag befann mig i en ring med band från förr och jag klippte av banden, jag skar av banden med kniv och till sist brände jag av dem med nån svets/laser grej.Jag grät och ropade här hemma i köket ”Släpp mig” flera ggr och även ” Låt mig vara” Banden och folket i ändan av dem klibbade kvar ett tag men till sist tonade de bort.Jag blev totalt genomsvettig efteråt som en fysisk reaktion på detta mentala. Jösses och tack tack tack.
Ville bara att du skulle veta. Önskar dig allt gott framöver ❤Anette Liikamaa

Kent is a very empathetic and present person. He listens with his whole body and makes one feel strong confidence in everything he does. And the result - incomparable !!! Hire Kent. You will not regret it!
Pia Stengard

Kent has really helped me find an inner calm and a chance to understand who I am. Anyone who is in a bad place or just wants to talk about life's questions, then I really recommend you to go to Kent. He seems to have answers to most things. ?
Angelica Rebecka Hasgörs

You work from the inside out. You are a forerunner of what will soon be a well known method of connecting with the whole of ourselves. That part which includes everyone else as well.
CJ Carl

Thank you! for sharing then love that resides within you. One that feels like a princess today.
Thanks! Jamela

I turn to Kent when I want to see real change in my life.
The first time, in 2008, landing in my body was the help I was given. I was a very unfounded person then and Kent could both see and correct this. The result of this was that I went from being a lost and confused girl to someone who started my own business and took hold of my own life. It took 9 years before I sought Kent's help again. This time, he guided me to transformation in 2 important areas of my life that held me back like an invisible hand. I got to cry the deep tears from my deepest deep. How valuable it was to get safely guided down there and pick up the tears that were encapsulated there. I had booked a Skype session and cried deeply for 30 seconds when I felt a new ease and flow throughout me. When you see and acknowledge unseen parts within one, transformation can take place. Like turning the wheel on the radio and getting a clear signal again.

Kent's psychical eyes see things other psychics often missen, he seems to work on a deeper level and therefore he has a quality that is unique.

Kent is smooth to work with, he is warm, incredibly empathetic & cherishing, he looks way beyond what you can think. He could see that I was not breathing, that I was floating out of my body, etc. So he gave my in-the-spot-on-guidance, tailor-made.

Kent showed me why I was tired and helped me let go of the inner control I controlled myself and others with. When it released (didn't take long) it was like a whole new space of ease within me and in that space I now exist happily.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

/ Karolina, medial self-employed July 2017

"A few days later this supplement arrived"

Thanks again!! Found today that your treatment was the root of all the small stuff I tried to heal.

Thanks for all your help. You helped me find something I had forgotten a long time ago. The world is magical again =) My milk allergy has become much better. This is what I discovered in just a few days ...

If you "tremble like an aspen leaf" Kent is the man for you! “Kent guides you through the forests of trauma, cell memories and unprocessed emotions and releases them into a liberation of relief and joy. The deepest darkness is seamlessly and generously integrated into a beautifully shining star. You simply become whole! "
Rolf-G Karlsson, QuantumHealer, PhD

Kent has a special ability to find the root cause of what is bothering you and with your cooperation can help you to improved well beeing!
Helena H

I searched you because I needed help. I doubted if there was anyone or anything that could help me. Had tested some others before which may have helped some in some respects, but difficulties persisted.

Way before the meeting, I thought, without coming up with anything concrete, how I would ask for help or rather say what. How could this lead to something if I couldn't express what I asked for?

The meeting felt safe at once and things happened. In particular afterwards I noticed that what I wished had happened. I can not explain WHAT that happened or
HOW but can ascertain THAT it happened. INDESCRIBABLE!

The thing is that what I really wanted to happen happenend without being able to consciously express what I want. A euphoric feeling arose and it was a good while since that occurred. And the feeling remained.

I wished I had met you earlier and received this help but you said that now was exactly the right time and you are very convincing.

The second session was even more tangible and amazing. Then there was a distinct physical feeling in the body during the session. Afterwards I felt a calm, a security and a harmony. It remains to the highest degree and has probably been strengthened two days later.

Can only recommend testing if there is something you want help with on the mental and mental level.

The effect of what occurred has not only affected me but the whole family positively as everything and everyone interact in relationships.


Felt like I got rid of a 15 kg heavy backpack, laughed and cried and shit how good you are at what you are doing .. ?
Elenor Nyrönen

I have had pain in my shoulders for a long time. On Monday, Kent helped me. Now I have no pain and have also hand shoveled about 300 m2 with snow, I do not even have soreness! Big thanks Kent!
Rose-Marie Örtlund

Idag var jag med om en frigörelse slash pånyttfödelse! Golvad och uppochnedvänd blev jag. Och för första gången fick jag känna med hjälp av Kent att jag genuint älskar mig själv helt och hållet ärligt och sant. Har jag aldrig gjort i hela mitt liv någonsin. Jag är helt mållös efter detta och nu börjar mitt liv på riktigt där JAG är huvudrollen! WOW VILKEN KÄNSLA! ? TACK Kent. TACK!!! ??
Ida Jerberg

What I would write I have known ... but not how I would say it in words. Kent can with his incredible ability, but humbly convey an enormous love and show that it is there only we want to welcome it in our lives... Not human love with its limitations but the love that lives in everything around us and within everything that exists. The unlimited and unconditional love that we all once were connected to during our first time on earth but which we have wandered away from to go for fear and doubt ... With that love in your life, nothing is missed.

That´s how I experienced my last session with Kent. Extremely rewarding. The body alternately felt warm and cool coming from some kind of anger that rested within me until I stopped creating resistance and let myself be drawn with this stream of warmth and love that Kent wanted me to allow myself to see and let in. Then followed a calm and a pleasant feeling of becoming stronger and more open to the gifts that are in and around me.

Thank you Kent for helping me to open the door or window again ... That door I opened myself once before but chose to leave again. But now and then I stand a step from stepping into its secure arms. And this is true as Kent says that We ourselves WILL want to get that change and take part in its great wealth. <3

Thousand thanks!
A brand new and incredible experience - feel grateful and humble! Goes with even more confidence in life.
Thanks again, Annica

Thank you Kent for the balance and energy you provided.

I feel collected & happy. Understood nothing, then nothing, then something & now it just feels nice. I feel harmonious & have probably realized some. Exciting future.
Greatful / Mariana

Now the change has started. I need balance and it should happen. A process is underway. Exciting. I hope and want to believe it. Why not?

Thank you Kent for breaking up my "knots" and making me breathe and be in the moment. As well as help me understand that I handed out far too many keys to my padlock / my self! Now I'm going home and lying in the hammock and just being present in the now. Thanks!
hug / Elin

Thank you for a thrilling experience. Calm Spirit! Free Spirit! Now you have to open the window and release all the junk because i´m leaving it here.
Thousand thanks

I feel strong and present. You removed the headache and anxiety in my body. I can do whatever I want. Thanks Kent.

I consume less energy.

Serious and efficient. He listened to my needs and helped me in an exemplary way.

You strengthen body and soul.
Christina Lagerdahl

THANK YOU KENT the pain is so far gone by 98%, absolutely incredible!

Laught and cry because it is 100% true

There is no psychologist or medicine that can do the things you did to me .. things are still happening .. Thanks ☺☺
Elenor Nyrönen

I felt safe and very uplifted.
Ingela A

A nice experience of going into your body and not having to be in your head all the time. A balancing that became a very positive feeling. Hope more people try.
Gunnel D

Very good. After many years of grief, I can finally let go and move on.
Caroline G

Wise and good! Felt more hopeful than in a long time.

Felt serious and compassionate.

Sympathetic Simple Credible Filled with love an awakening Highly recommend Kent

I got really good help and guidance, thanks Kent
Susanna H

Positive! He explained so well and I felt even before I called that energy was increased. Wonderful feeling
Anneli N

Pollen allergy
You may wonder where it comes from. When the body resists nature itself. Something is not right. And painful it is. It will be a major handicap. But that it can come and disappear as quickly is also strange.

There must be causes that we do not know about and do not understand. If something on a deeper plane. I do not know and I do not understand in what way or how Kent helped me. But this extreme pollen year especially birch pollen that I am or was allergic to, the allergy has left me almost completely. That's a lot we don't understand. And magical it is. And I still think that this is just the beginning of what we will see and experience.

There is so much more and is so much much bigger than we can imagine. Ask Kent, he's a mystery himself. But he has a great gift to share. And I highly recommend Kent. He has a big heart, and wants to help, and with me he succeeded. And I hope he does with more. Kent is nice because he makes it all so easy and you don't have to understand everything.
A good friend

Maria Lesiotou

“I don't have to be scared anymore. I cry with happiness and gratitude. I don't have to imagine anymore, I am me and no one else. All troublesome years are gone. Away with stress and performance. Now I'm going to demand my right to exist. I love myself! Thanks so much!!"
Angela B.

Ps “Listen to the bird song. Life is wonderful. I've just been spotted. " Ds

And then we have Kent Asp… ..How to describe him…. ? DESTROYING CONVERTER ……? He has his own little magical way to get through our barriers and start the road to insight… ..if it is time and you WANT and dare!
Something like that….
Karin Seigerud

A woman came to visit me and told me that she had a constant headache for several years and wants to do something about it. The next day she returns and thanks for the help. It was the first night in three years she could sleep without waking up because the headaches made her unable to relax enough to reach deep sleep. The headache was gone.

Your voice was very comfortable, created for healing over the phone. You may feel that there is an intelligent touch and that you trust your ability. The voice brings confidence in the conversation.
Ragnar, Dentist

Hi must write and thank you for the last session and its results Normally I slept 1-2 hours, awake 1-3 hours, took pain pills and slept a few more hours. This was how it looked for about 15 years. Since my session 2 weeks ago I sleep 7 hours in a stretch without pills and without pain. Hardly no pain during the dat either. The amount of pills these 2 weeks corresponds to the amount of pills half a day earlier. Absolutely wonderful. My gratitude is huge. Thanks for being guided to you in Östersund this summer. Thanks for everything you do. Have a lovely day

Amazing results showed up immediately during the consultation. Strong transformation and clear-sightedness arose immediately. Grateful
Britt A

I can really recommend Kent Asp. An amazing healer! Extremely grateful for all the help I received through him. Thanks!
Åsa Engman

It feels like something is happening, but I don't really know how to interpret it. Maybe just dreams that feel real. I'm feeling pretty good today.

Känner mig renare och klarare idag 🙂 fantastiskt!

Super duper THANK YOU! You've probably shaken around some. It brings up new ideas even when I sleep and I have a completely different energy!

Thanks! Feeling happy and joyful. Understand myself much better now. Releasing what I no longer need in my body. The treatment / experience was / is very good. I'm a free human!
hug, R. Öberg

What a feeling. From tense worry to tears to calm. You picked out the essence of me, the feeling. The confirmation of everything I have in me. Warm thanks <3

Yes, oh what dreams I have! Tonight I have experienced a process within. A process that mirrors me…

I feel strong and present. You removed the headaches and anxiety in my body. I can do whatever I want. Thanks Kent!