Help me with

remove the stress out of your life
stop smoking
start exercising
better self-esteem
eat more healthy

handle anger
be kinder to yourself
when KBT does not work
when you dare not open yourself to the psychologist

grief processing
better self-confidence

become more organized

get better relationship
to yourself
to your partner (couples therapy)
to your colleague

get better…
singing voice
golf swing
slap shot
presence in the present / mindfulness

The healing I do reaches all the way to the core of your consciousness and can, therefore, create change directly at the root where the patterns and behaviors you are engaging in today, were once created. That is why the method is so powerful.

This means that people in your immediate circle may change their approach to you. This can lead to you becoming more tight. It can also cause you to pull apart.

Om du väljer att börja arbeta tillsammans med mig så vill jag att du förbereder dig på att livet så som du uppfattat det hittills kommer att förändras.

It is also important that you have a chat with the people closest to you before taking this step, as you as a person will change. Stress will drain from you, the thoughts you previously had that led to conflict will slow down and eventually disappear completely depending on how committed you are to the work we will be doing.


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