Master every area of your life

Heal yourself from the inside out!
Whether you need to use of more tools to upgrade what you want in life, or if you are looking for more meaning, direction and fulfill, there is help.

It is about moving on in life so that you can live the life you want without financial, social or other forms of restrictions that blocks you from getting there.

There are always one or more reasons why you will not proceed. Therefore, you need to find out about it or the causes. The best way to do that is to go to the core where the causes once were created.

The core is always you. Everything in your life is based on you.

Everything is already programmed within us. We have been taught how to operate from our surroundings. Over time all of this learning resulted in a massive database of programmed ways to handle reality that we then use to approach our everyday lives.

Sometimes these truths create conflict within. Conflicts that keeps repeating until you do something about them. It is these conflicts in your interior that prevent you from moving on.

How do you change these conflicts? Simply described, the conflicts need to be made visible because it is difficult to change what you do not know. You simply need to be aware of why they exist. Because awareness of them allows you to change your attitude towards them. Once you have these pieces in place. Lasting change can take place. The new you will then be reflected in your internal as well as external environment. Simply because you changed your approach to how you perceive reality.

To do this in the easiest possible way I have developed a concept called mindknowlogy. The mind or "sinnet" as it is called in Swedish is among other places the place where everything you have ever been taught to believe, feel and think is stored.

Mindknowlogy helps you figure out what it is that you have been programmed to believe, feel and think that now creates conflict within you. Mindknowlogy makes you aware of what you have been unaware of. Which in the next step leads to you being able to change your stance to what has once happened in your life.

When you do not know why things happen in your life then you react. You go into a defensive position so as not to get hurt any more. This is a very strenuous way to live a life. And all this is due to things that have happened backwards in time. Things you until now have been clueless about how to act upon. Therefore, you have done the opposite and reacted, which has led to conflicts flaring up both within you and with people in your surroundings.

Conflicts that no longer need to be there when you choose to begin your inner work. The opportunity to create change is something you choose. You can choose to continue living just as you do or you can choose to create the change you have now become aware that you can do.

Whether it is a small or large conflict you carry within you or whether there are several conflicts. See it for what it is. An event in past tense that will always be there but which you no longer need to react to, which has led to the life you now live that is locked up.

Now imagine the following thought. - Yes, that´s how it was before. But that's not it anymore.

This is what my students learn. To live a life in harmony with oneself and one's surroundings.

To get there, we work together. All I need is your full commitment.