Connecting the dots. The bridge between dimensions that connect them all.

What if you could change reality as you know it once and for all. Would you do it? Or would you hesitate? Did you know that hesitation is grounded on insecurity? Insecurity is the lack of understanding based upon the lack of information. To say it very simple, you do not know what you do not know. Therefore, hesitation exist simply because you lack information. What if you had that information, would you change? To become a grander version of yourself. Would you? Let me tell you a story that ties this all together.

Did you know that science has given us the understanding that as of 2019 over twenty dimensions exist? The scientific ability to come to this conclusion gives us the understanding that somehow all these dimensions are connected to each other. Other vise the observation of them would not be possible to extrapolate. Did you also know that at some level everything is energy?

If you add the understanding that over twenty dimensions exist to the understanding that everything is energy, then you get the understanding that it is all connected through energy. This connectedness or entanglement teaches us that energy is the language all these dimensions use.

Did you know that it takes four dimensions to experience the concept of time? The ability to move any object from one place to another. The fourth dimension is time. The three dimensions of length, width and height create a space to exist within for any object. Imagine this universe as a multiverse of over twenty dimensions. A universe that is entangled and linked.

Using these dimensions, you can explain physics on so many levels. If you take four dimensions the Newtonian concept of physics becomes possible to understand. The concept of quantum physics with attributes like “no time” where a particle can be at many places at the same time teach us that it exists on another level then the Newtonian physics. In the Newtonian physics a particle is bound to be at one place at a time since time is the regulator of its positioning. This is how you move your body from one place to another. Actually, you time travel as you move your position from one to another within the four-dimensional space. How cool is that? You are a time traveler.

The common denominator of all these dimensions is energy. Tapping into the language of energy is like tapping into all dimensions simultaneously. All you have to do to get access to all dimensions is to decrypt the language of energy. Decrypting the language of energy just a little creates a bridge between the dimensions. A bride which upon information can be transported.

Imagine a four-dimensional interpretation of reality where time in the form of past, present and future exist. A place where you have to store information to remember it for future use. Once forgotten its gone forever. Now add a quantum dimensional perspective to this. A dimension where the concept of no time exists. Since all dimensions are connected and can be accessed through the concept of energy. Then all you need to do to go get the “forgotten” information is to use the inter-dimensional bridge between the Newtonian and Quantum dimension. Once you understand how the language of energy work this becomes possible. The understanding all this gives us is ungraspable.

New teachings emerging based upon this understanding has already begun. Where teachings of how to release that which no longer serves you becomes possible to access. What would you like to release in your life? This teaching makes it possible to reprogram anything. You can change how you experience life using this understanding. If you want to start a life altering journey where what we used to perceive as impossible no longer is.

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