Back to the core

Everything has a start, a point where it all began, a point of origin. That´s what we all have been told. That reality as we perceive it is glued to a concept called time. Everyone has one, a timeline, and as life goes by whatever story it is that we experience, it is glued to each individual timeline. That’s how we all are being taught and told that reality is and therefore also works in tandem with. That reality is a linear experience creating each individual story. When we come together we glue our timelines together as we create a collective experience. Life taught and understood this way teaches us that this is our life and therefore it also belongs to our life story.

What it also teaches us is that everything we ever experienced is glued to our personality. This will form what we believe in, feel and think. It will become the understanding we refer to for the rest of our life. If someone told us that what have been taught can be replaced with new understanding. And if someone has showed us how to do that. Then the world as we experience it today would have been a much more peaceful place to live in. For many of us this is not the case. We haven’t been told how to let go of that which no longer serves us. Instead we keep accumulating ideas and concepts that match what we already know. Which will result in even more frustration adding up inside our understanding of what reality is and therefore has to offer. Therefore, when accumulated this becomes the experience we understand is our reality and therefore also must be played out accordingly.

That is what reality looks like for so many individuals on this planet. We have our own story being played out in our mind all the time. Then we play the game of being someone else only showing an acted surface when we put on the social mask and join the global game of fake it until you make it. The more we succeed the more successful we become. Longing for the throne where everyone in the game cherish you as the one who has fully understood what it’s all about. Being there in the center of the masquerade being the hero everyone longs to be. Never understanding that this is a super artificial game played out twenty-four seven, never ending. Many live this way their entire life. Never understanding that this is not all there is. That there is more, so much more. But where is it? And how do I reach it, you might ask?

Imagine that reality as we understand it is located inside a box. It is a box that is necessary, for it helps us to exist in physical form. Now imagine that this world experienced inside this box is not the only world that exist. There are other worlds as well. The only thing you need to do to alter your state of mind is to close your eyes and imagine a world beyond your five senses. A world that has no form. A reality that is invisible to the eye. A reality that holds no air. Where no feelings, emotions or intellectual concept exist. A reality where everything is in contact with everything else instantly. Where everything is linked, is united. It’s a stress less environment where you always are relaxed. You are not even an identity here. You are simply united with everything. That is a place to which all human beings can travel to if they allow themselves to close their eyes and let go of the intellectual glue. Just wander free and follow the subtle energy stream allowing to tag along if you so choose.

This realm, this version of reality isn’t more or less true then your physical experience. It is simply two ways of explaining what reality is, an experience you can have from so many perspectives. Four dimensions gives us the Newtonian perspective, quantum physics provides another. As of 2019 we know that it exists at least 27 dimensions. How many more understandings of what reality is can they provide? What is actually reality and what is possible once the unraveling of all these dimensions becomes understandable to us?

I have learned to expand my consciousness beyond the four dimensions of the Newtonian physics. This gives me the ability to observe from outside in back into the four-dimensional understanding of what reality is and therefore also has to offer. The observation is astonishing. Timelines of all humanity become visible no matter when in time they occur. The entire timeline from past up to present time according the four-dimensional observation of how reality is defined. And for no longer existing humans the entire timeline is displayed.

Now, why is this important? To create change from the core you must be able to navigate to the core. Now, why is that important? It is important because the full understanding of why something ever occurred exist at the core level, at the center of where it was created. To change reality, it is crucial to know how it is created in the first place. To understand this, we must know how reality is perceived. It is perceived from a personal perspective, the understanding of how each individual interpret information that is presented to them. Are they biased or are they neutral? We know what we know, the rest is yet to discover. If ? and ! exist, they do so for a reason. If they didn’t we would know everything. We know that we lack information. How much we lack, we don´t know.

What we believe in, feel and think we become. All human beings also have free will. Those are the four rules that each human being is in alignment with. There is no escape from this. This is what is necessary to know if change from the core is what you are looking for. The understanding how each human being creates their own reality. We program it like we program a computer software to perform specific tasks. That’s it. That’s what you have to know if a simple as possible transfer is what you are looking for into a more expanded reality beyond your five senses. You have to understand that what has been programmed can be replaced. That nothing has to be a lifelong program unless you choose it to be. Therefore, there is nothing that you can´t change. Everything that you have ever learned can be replaced with a new understanding.

Up to the age of six we are taught how the interact with the world. 95 % understanding of this teaching comes one or several persons who raise us. The remaining 5 % come from others as well as the remaining providers of information such as the society and so on. At the age of six we have a rough understanding of what reality based upon the teaching of others.

Love unite and fear divide. No matter how we are taught these two concepts they will give us the norm of how we will act on the social arena for the rest of our lives unless we change our core programming.

We know that everyone teaches the most loving way they know. Often this teaching is a mixture of mostly love and sometimes some fear. Whatever the teaching is it sets the norm for how we will react or interact with life. If we will meet and greet the world with love or fear depending on what the situation looks like.

No matter if it´s love or fear that we have been taught that teaching will become the norm we will follow. It is a programming for life or until we change the teaching from a core level at the root where it once was programmed. To live our life from love or fear in any given situation.

We also have a free will. The free will give us the opportunity to formulate what we choose to believe in, feel and think. Since that becomes the definition of what our identity is.

As you already might have observed there is a conflict in the free will. What you choose to believe in, feel and think you become. Do whatever you want, and you might want to follow the advice to do no harm. But remember that you are already full of concepts and ideas given to you during your first six years. Understandings of what others have used to define their realities. What they believe in, fell and think already are your reality. Do feel free to change but understand that our programming is rooted very deeply inside your mind. Often on a subconscious level that is mighty hard and often impossible to access. At least from the teachings and understandings that we have provided for you. So good luck on that mission. Please use your free to change your reality with that kind of deeply rooted programming mostly anchored in your subconscious mind. This will create conflict in any human being.

To create change on a permanent basis the core programming of fear must be addressed. An expanded consciousness beyond a four-dimensional understanding of what reality is and therefore also has to offer is one way of achieving this. The ability to identify what fear or fears it is that has been programmed on the human timeline in past tense. Once you can access that information you can also reprogram that teaching. The teaching that keeps sending information from the past into present time that a trauma did occur. Accessing the past trauma revels the information of why fear exist in present time. The trauma will always exist. The reaction that triggers a person in present time can be cut once and for all. All that is needed to make this happen is present information from the past to the mind in the now. Once that is achieved the person suffering from a trauma can change how they choose to interact with that understanding. Will I keep in reacting to the trauma or will I upgrade my understanding and separate the trauma that always will be there from the signal it is sending to me in present time? Will I choose to no longer receive that signal? Simply by choosing so with the help of some guiding tools given to me by the therapist. Tools that will have an instant impact as it shifts my understanding from reaction to action according to the trauma that will always exist as a memory of the past. A trauma that I no longer choose to react to. That is how any trauma can be released on a permanent basis from any person no matter how deep the trauma is attached.

Expanding the human consciousness allowing the physical and the formless realms to meld inside the human mind. Is what makes it possible to track any event ever taking place inside a human linear history. I have developed a way to backtrack the linear history. That is why what I do work. I have full access to whatever it is that needs to be understood to create a permanent change. When I access the understanding of why something occurs in a person’s life and present that information to them, then they can choose. They can choose to alter their reality. To let go of an old belief system and replace it with a modern one. It is the understanding of how to interpret the displayed information that will lead to whatever solution it is that will become the result of this interaction.

Sometimes unification of two or more realms is the only way to create a permanent solution. This is therefore not a miraculous way of doing things. Instead it is a more expanded way of creating solutions. Simply because it has the power to display the core from which it all resides. This is the reason to why it works. It merges everything that is connected to whatever it is that you have become. Based on what you were taught to believe in, feel and thing. As well as how you were raised to use your free will.

Understand that this is a very powerful tool that I have made you aware of. It is a tool that has the power to alter the way you see and experience reality. It is your responsibility to make the choice. Are you ready for this or not? That is how you use your free will. That is how you become the creator of what it is that you choose to believe in, feel and think about everything in your life.

Do you like what you have, or do you want to change? Only you will know and only you can decide. It is a decision that one day might reach all the way into the center of what it is that define you as a sovereign being.

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